About Us

Our Aim
Our aim is to make home healthcare a mainstream mode of delivering and accessing healthcare. We strongly believe that healthcare costs in our country, are unsustainable and need to be drastically reduced.
Improving home healthcare availability and quality, is sure to play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.
We intend to harness technology for remote monitoring of patients and Tele-Health Solutions.
We aim to improve accessibility of healthcare, by using a mobile App, to offer affordable home healthcare services from the comfort of the patient’s home.
Our endeavour ,is to provide continuity of healthcare, from the hospital to the home.
Our Scope
1.The organisation is a technology enabled provider of home healthcare services. We aim to bring together all stake-holders of the home healthcare ecosystem. The AI capability of our platform, will enable us to extend clinically appropriate services to our patients.
2.We also provide consultancy services to small and medium size hospitals, healthcare providers and health technology providers.
Our Team
  • The organisation boasts of a strong team, hand-picked by the CEO and MD, Dr Sujata Malik, who is a known name in the Indian healthcare industry. She has held significant leadership roles in major hospitals across the country. She is associated with NABH as Principal Assessor for several years now. She is a thought leader and has made a mark in the healthcare industry.
  • We have a competent and experienced clinical team , with specialists across the spectrum of home healthcare. Our doctors, Nurses, Care-givers, Physiotherapists, Palliative Care Consultant , Nutritionists and Mental Health Experts ,are simply the best.
  • Our Technology team has developed a nimble , simple to use mobile and web based application which brings together, all stake holders in the home healthcare ecosystem.
  • Our administrative team is highly responsive and empathetic and is well appreciated by our clientele.