6th Anniversary

We completed six years of formation of our company, Sunburst Healthcare Pvt Ltd on 01 Nov 2023.
It is a feeling of great satisfaction as I look back at these years. To sustain and grow the company without any loan and dilution of equity is I think quite creditable.
We have generated revenue and become profitable,
All compliances in place and a couple of trademarks to our credit.
We have successfully managed more than 1500 field workers, generated income for them. That itself is a big high.
We developed our own bespoke technology.
Last but not the least, we provide a structured and patient centric service where none existed.
Home healthcare still remains an under served sector and the possibilities and opportunities are enormous.
Finally we are serving patients in places like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Baramati. Satara and the like.
It is our endeavour to take this organisation to the next level over the coming years.
We want to be impactful , endeavour to move to a digital transformation and be mindful of our ESG commitments.
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