Sunburst Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Sunburst Healthcare was established in Nov 2017 at Pune. We at Sunburst Healthcare, are committed to providing complete range of professional home healthcare services to our patients and clients. Rapidly changing Healthcare sector in India has led to the growth of Home Health Care industry. Sunburst follows best practices in medical care and well established protocols and standards. Sunburst Healthcare has provided over 25000 individual services to more than 2000 patients in Pune, Mumbai and Rest of Maharashtra. We provide healthcare at reasonable cost in the comfort of your home. We aim to prevent unnecessary hospital stay and expenses. We believe a major portion of healthcare should be available at home.

Brining Doctors Home

1. 62 year old lady with debilitating COVID sequelae, unable to move out of house.
2. 104 year old patient with acute inflammation and pain knee
3. Cancer patient, needing a second opinion 
These are the kind of people who approach us , looking for solutions.
We feel very elated when we are able to offer them pertinent solutions to these very genuine requirements.
Sunburst Healthcare provides online consultations and physical visits by doctors. 
Online Second Opinions by renowned specialists and super-specialists is our special capability.
What’s more we offer free Patient Advisory Services for those people who are not able to comprehend what is the best course of action for their medical problems. These services are well appreciated by our esteemed clients.
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Sunburst Healthcare at GOA

With great pride, we announce that we have now commenced our operations in Goa.
Our enthusiastic Goa team, ably supported by our head office are rearing to go.
We humbly seek the support of all our industry colleagues and the trust of our clientele in Goa.
Our office address is-
Reading & Co. Shopno.15, Queeny Elite, near Government high school, Vasco-da-Gama, Goa-403802.
Phone-8412821485, 8806652779, 8446006390, 9923664644
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Patient Relatives Positive Feedback

It is really heartening to receive a feedback like the following one.
You put in heart and soul into rendering services to your patients, their acknowledgment of your effort makes your day and motivates you to do more to serve your clientele renewed zeal.
Sharing this patient feedback which made our day.😊
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Sunburst Healthcare @Home – GOA

We are excited to share that we will soon be launching our operations in Goa.
Having successfully set up a template for our services in Pune and Mumbai and also to an extent, in rest of Maharashtra, we are poised for starting out in Goa.
We hope all our well wishers will continue their invaluable support to Sunburst Healthcare in our days ahead.
We also invite doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, caregivers and diagnostic facilities to become partners in our journey in Goa.
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Membership Plans

Mrs X is an 83 year old lady. Her children are settled abroad. Her children approached Sunburst Healthcare to explore how they could get complete medical support for their mother. We guided them to enrol in our membership program.
Today we not only have provided a nurse for her. She is connected on phone to a doctor and can reach out for any healthcare related advice from a senior doctor. We provide her with periodic doctor’s visits. Pharmacy and consumables are delivered to her doorstep on demand.
We provide facilitation services to get her appointment with renowned specialists and super-specialists and also for second opinion and assistance with accessing emergency and planned care in hospitals.
We are also in touch with her family abroad.
Her family is therefore completely at ease and can concentrate on their work, knowing fully well that their parent is well looked after.
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Our People are Our Strength

One of the things about entrepreneurship, which gives me a high , is the fact that from being a salaried employee, we have become someone who employs quite a few people.
Apart from providing much needed services to our patients and customers, we are generating employment for many.
Women form 80 percent of our workforce.
I feel humbled and grateful to be able to touch the lives of so many people.
I encourage all those who are debating whether they should take the plunge to entrepreneurship, to go right ahead. It has so many spin-offs and is a journey where you discover something new about yourself every day. There is immense satisfaction in charting your own journey.
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Sunburst Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Today is World Diabetes Day.

Today is World Diabetes Day. It is a day to remind ourselves that diabetes is a massive killer lurking in our midst. The mortality and morbidity every year, arising out of diabetes ,and its impact on target organs , is staggering, and way more than the havoc unleashed by COVID.
The theme of the World Diabetes Day Campaign 2021 to 2023 is – Education to Protect Tomorrow .
Many among us are not even aware that we are at risk or are on the cusp of becoming overtly diabetic.
Even people with full blown diabetes are totally ignorant about their condition and how to manage it and mitigate long term effects.
Education is therefore key to prevention and management of diabetes.
Do reach out to us for any questions that you may have, we will be happy to get you the help that you need.
We also offer Comprehensive Health Check packages at home at very compelling prices.


Have you ever realised that ICU stay in the most basic of ICUs costs on an average Rs 20000 per day, in most hospitals in cities like Pune. In Metros and corporate hospitals, this amount could double. Home healthcare costs not more than 10% of the amount paid in hospitals.
Add to that the comfort of the home environment, which itself heals the patient.
Moreover , the benefit of 1:1 care and obviating the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.
Our advice to family members of such patients, is to initiate a discussion wrt to home healthcare, with their ICU doctors in hospitals.
Once patient needs only step down care, it would be useful to explore the possibility of bringing the patient home.
It is indeed a win-win solution.
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5th Year Anniversary Celebrations

5th Year Anniversary Celebrations

It seems like yesterday , we established our fledgling enterprise- Sunburst Healthcare.
It has been an exciting journey through the last half decade.
A big shout out to so many wonderful people who were part of this thrilling journey!
Many thanks to our patrons who reposed their trust in us.
Look forward to a lot of good work and learning , in the years to come.
May we bring solace and quality healthcare to many more people in the comfort of their home.
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