Month: October 2022

Happy Diwali

Sunburst Healthcare wishes everyone a very happy and healthy Diwali. 

A balanced diet, moderate exercise, positive mindset ,sleep hygiene and preventive health check ups, go a long way in keeping ourselves healthy. PRO- ACTIVE HEALTHCARE is the mantra, we want to recommend to everyone, on this festive and spiritual occasion .

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Happy Diwali

Long Term Care

As a Home HealthCare service provider rehabilitation is an important part of our offerings. Apart from physiotherapy at home, we provide psychometric testing, psychological counseling audiology & speech therapy service at home. Stroke patients with swallowing difficulty can benefit from specialized care by our highly qualified & experienced speech therapists. We offer care with deep insight into specific requirements of our patients. Our care plans are customized to suit patient needs. #healthcare
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Long Term Care

International Day for Older Persons

International Day for Older Persons is observed  every year on 01 October. 
It is a United Nations designated day to focus and raise awareness about the well-being and needs of the elderly people.
The overall umbrella theme for the United Nations International Day of Older Persons in 2022 is “Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World.” 
Senior citizens globally have been the worst-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are the most vulnerable due to age-related comorbidities. Apart from health related issues, loneliness and mental health issues of the elderly people need special attention.
Senior Citizens, on their part, have a responsibility to take care of their own health by adopting a healthy lifestyle and focus on preventive rather than reactive healthcare.
We at Sunburst Healthcare would like to extend a hand and help seniors look after their health better, by providing advice and bringing preventive healthcare to their doorsteps. 
We invite all senior citizens who need healthcare related advice, to call us free of cost , on this day , for advice related to  issues pertaining to physical and mental health. We will do our best to provide suitable advice in this regard.
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International Day for Older Persons