KBC Hot Seat

Some said… you didn’t play to your potential
Some said …. It was a let down, you didn’t win anything much.
To me there were too many positives to being part of KBC and being on the hot seat.
As per my calculation , there must be about 150 people who make it to the hot seat , in one season.
Around 4000 till date, over 23 years.
No money can buy this experience of having a humorous one on one conversation with the iconic , one and only, Amitabh Bacchan.
Talking about my work and my enterprise on the show was an amazing opportunity.
It was like an endorsement on Prime Time Television with none other than AB.
What would that have cost me, had it even been possible by any stretch of imagination.
So guys, say what you want…
I am on seventh heaven and flying high.
Couldn’t care less about the few lakhs that I could have won.
The other contestants , like the one who came after me, needed and deserved the money more.
I am thrilled with what I got and achieved.
Also very grateful to the thousands of friends and connections who cheered me on!
Thanks everyone! 🙏🙏😀😀

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