Indian Healthcare Industry: Digital Transformation.

It was an absolute privilege to welcome Dr. Sujata Malik (Dr. Malik), the esteemed CEO and MD of Sunburst Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., as our distinguished guest for the 102nd Leadership Levers Lecture. Dr. Malik’s expertise and insights illuminated our discussion on the digital transformation of the Indian healthcare industry, making it a truly engaging and enlightening session.   India stands on the cusp of remarkable digital growth, propelled by its burgeoning economy, expanding population, and the relentless advancement of technology. Driven by a collective vision of ‘Health for All’, India’s healthcare sector is attracting significant foreign investment, positioning the nation as a global leader in digital health innovation.   Dr. Malik masterfully articulated the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery in India, emphasising the shift towards patient-centric care through initiatives like ‘Flipped Care’. This paradigm shift underscores the growing empowerment of patients, who are increasingly tech-savvy and proactive in managing their health.   Throughout her compelling lecture, Dr. Malik shed light on the diverse digital initiatives aimed at enhancing the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services for every Indian citizen. Her expertise and vision have undoubtedly inspired us all to strive for excellence in this transformative journey.   On behalf of TimesPro, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Sujata Malik for her invaluable time, profound insights, and unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare in India. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations and the opportunity to continue learning from her wealth of knowledge and experience. Dr NAGENDRA V. CHOWDARY Nandita Gupta #timespro #leadershiplevers #healthcare #digitaltransformation

distinguished guest for the 102nd Leadership Levers Lecture

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