Year: 2022

Professionally Curated Clinical Plans and Membership Plans

Sunburst HealthCare has launched its professionally curated Clinical Plans and Membership Plans. These plans are targeted at patients with specific needs. Since they are designed by experts in the domain of home healthcare, every requirement is anticipated and met. Add to that the cost benefit it brings, vis-a-vis extended stay in hospital, you have a winning proposition at hand.
Our Membership Plans are attractively priced and designed to meet requirements of patients. with different needs and paying capacity. Children who want to ensure ongoing monitoring for their parents living alone, can buy these plans at very reasonable cost.
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Home Healthcare Provider

Don’t you think that healthcare is not as conveniently available as we would want it to be. 
For every little health complaint , it may be difficult going to hospital and waiting in queues. 
In fact most people don’t even know which doctor is appropriate for their requirement and how to get an appointment with a really good doctor.
Sunburst Healthcare has answers to all your problems related to healthcare.
From Patient Advisory Services to Patient Facitation services to Patient Concierge Services. 
We offer teleconsultations with MBBS doctors, specialists, super-specialists . Patients can also ask for doctor’s visits at home. 
Those who are already taking some treatment, can also seek a second opinion.
Apart from that we offer all other healthcare services at home ranging from nursing, physiotherapy, laboratory, medical devices,pharmacy, nutritionists, disease management programs and the like.
All in all , we are your one stop shop for easy access to all healthcare services at home.
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Home Healthcare Needs

Promising Women Leaders of 2022

35 years into my professional journey, I am humbled to be recognised by Economic Times and Femina,as one of the Promising Women Leaders of 2022. 
When most women at my age start planning to retire, I am evolving professionally and enjoying whatever life is sending my way.
My company is doing well, we have our technology in place, every day brings new learning and I approach each day with renewed enthusiasm.
And the best part is, we are making a difference to people’s lives.
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Promising Women Leaders of 2022
Promising Women Leaders of 2022

Home Health Care – Empowering Patients and Improving Access

For years healthcare was administered to patients in the manner the provider thought fit. Home healthcare empowers the patient to receive healthcare in the comfort of their home and at their convenience.
It is not just care for the elderly! It is age agnostic . 

Anyone who doesn’t want to / or is unable to, undertake the long drive to hospitals/ clinics, and wait in queues , can use such services. A wide variety of services, ranging from nursing and laboratory sample collection, doctor’s visits and teleconsultations , to the much more complex set up of ‘ICU at Home‘ can easily be established and effectively be delivered at home.  Patients can be facilitated to access appropriate healthcare for their specific needs. Second opinions can be sought from senior experts. 

It enhances the access to high quality healthcare and is definitely more affordable than hospital based care.
The possibilities are enormous.

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Home Health Care - Empowering Patients and Improving Access

Preventive Health Checks

Preventive health checks are a simple way to keep track of the status of your health. We strongly recommend health check up , once in a year to all our clients.
Early detection of adverse trends can easily prevent major catastrophes.
You can do a complete health profile in the comfort of your home.
What’s more you get a free doctor’s teleconsultation to review reports and advice in view of the same.
Chose from our Basic and Comprehensive Health Check Package, which are available at very reasonable prices.
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Preventive Health Checks
Preventive Health Checks